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Locomotive shed H0

After creating my turntable I needed a engine shed. Since I did not have room for a classic roundhouse I created a square locomotive shed.

I hope I included all used stl's. But primary you can use the scad file to print what is needed by uncommenting the required section.

Note you have to make the roof horizontal parts from some sheet plastic. It does not make sense to use the printer for that. ( a couple cuts and you are done and sheet plastic is cheaper then filament).

Achterkant.stl you have to print 2 times and
Achterkant0.stl only once.
Same rule for
Zijkant.stl you have to print it 2x3=6 times
Zijkant0.stl only twice
Note the parts Achterkant.stl and Zijkant.stl look similar but the geometry is slightly different so mark them after printing...
Same rule for Daklicht.stl and Daklicht0.stl

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