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Hello everybody!

I've bought a professional knife set at the last Black Friday at Amazon store:

the knive set comes without block so I created one.
I inspired from this awesome idea:

and I remixed the project for FDM printers.

I wolud speak about safety because this thing will be at home and the knives may be dangerous, so it's great idea if you follow three important steps below:

1) Use magnets as described on the project, you can find here:

2) Use rubber pads, print them with TPU95 or other rubber filament

3) Create the ballast, I hope you can create it with milling machine, the one in my project have a weight of 2.3Kg

You need these hardware:

Phillips flat head self tapping screw 4.8mm x 22mm: 2pcs

Phillips flat head self tapping screw 5.5mm x 25mm: 2pcs

Neodymium magnets 8mm x 3mm: 4 pcs

Check everything else on the PDF and pics.

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