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The Daunian Stele Maker - archaeological keychain

Here are some results of the project "The Daunian Stele Maker". Our School, "Ic.Foscolo Gabelli - Foggia" is a winner of the contest "Ultimaker Education Challenge. Our learning goals are customization logics, dialogue with the ancient local history, learning by doing, how works the fluid extrusion, team working.
This is how the educational project works. Each student creates his personal “Daunian Stele” Keychain. The Daunia stele is an ancient limestone artifact, typical of the ancient pre-roman Illiric people of Northern Puglia.
Daunian stele was made from the end of the 8th century BC to the 6th century BC.
They consist of a parallelepiped-shaped plate, which protrudes from the upper head and decorated on all four sides.
The stele is full of decoration with more or less deep incision. The decorations rappresent the life of one person of the clan. The decorations are dress rappresentations, ornaments and abstract figurative. For exemple the stele of warriors often have processions of chariots or fight scenes, which were interpreted as funeral games in honor of the deceased, or hunting scenes and battles, which sometimes appear warrior with a helmet or mask in the form of bucranium three horns.
The daunian stele is like a book of comics stripes incised on the stone.
They narrate the life and the adventures of the rappresented character.
The idea is to create modern 3d printed stelae, a customized keychain in which the student describes his life and his interests. The stele and the customized incisions can be carved with free programs of digital modeling, like Thinkercad or Sculptris.
Then, the child learn to print his personal stele with Ultimaker 2+.

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