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Tactile Protractor

This protractor allows students and their teachers to create tactile angles using a standard braille stylus or pen in order to make marks on paper. Our design comes with a base plate, similar to that of a braille slate, that has pegs that stick through a piece of paper to lock the protractor in place. The protractor can then be used to draw angles. The protracor has markings every 5 degrees and a pointer to guide the drawing and measurement of angles. There are larger marks every 10 degrees with additional indicators at 0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 degrees. There are marking holes, guide marks in the angle pointer, and the base plate has divots to help with markng angles. This protractor also includes a centimeter ruler along the base.

Original file and more can be found at: http://sahyun.net/projects/3Dprint/objects.php#protractor

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