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Improved Kossel Carriage for Deltaprintr or Graber wheels and 1515 extrusions.

This improves on the old one, designed by Graber and BrandonH at:
This is an independent creation, and thus is licensed CC-SA (rather than CC-SA-NC).
The improvements are:
1)  Aesthetically rounded corners.

2)  The nut traps are larger, so you can easily place regular or M3 nyloc nuts into them.

3)  The M3 bolt holes are larger, so you don't need to drill them out.

4)  The M3 bolt head holes are recessed deeper, so that none of the bolt heads stick out, and so that you can use a washer to gain a little extra clearance between the carriage and extrusions.

5)  The M3 bolts used for axles are set a little deeper so that when you use a nyloc nut to hold the rollers on, a reasonable number of threads will engage.

I printed mine in PLA with 0.2mm layer height, 50% infill, and 3 side layers and 4 top/bottom layers.

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