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Makita PJ7000J Lamello/Biscuit Joiner adapter to Kärcher and Festool 36mm vacuum cleaner hoses.

Adapt the vacum cleaner port of the Makita PJ7000J Lamello/Biscuit Joiner
to accept 36mm OD hoses of Kärcher and the Festool shop vacuum cleaners.
(Careful. Festool has 27, 36 and 50mm tubes.)

Both sides are slightly tappered for a tight fit.

This design has been tested and it works perfectly

The .AD_PRT file is the original design document made in Alibre Design / Geomagic Design. It is parametric can can be changed to fit the other Festool sizes.
I won't create them because I have no such hoses to test that they actually fit.

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