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Solar panel holder for pipes with a diameter between 20mm and 85mmm

I designed this solar panel holder so that you can use it for pipes with a diameter between 20mm and 85mm.
The best way is to fix the holder with a cable tie.
To set the desired degree, use the corresponding distance holder. I constructed the distance holder for degrees
between 0 and 65 degrees in steps of 5 degrees.
In my opinion, 5 degrees steps are fine because the maximum degree error is 2.5 degrees.

The latitude of your place is 47.5 degrees. Here you can use the distance holder for 45 degrees or 50 degrees.
In both cases, the error represent 2.5 degrees.
If the latitude of your location is 48 degrees, use the distance holder for 50 degrees and the error represent 2 degrees.

But if you want a more precise distance holder for your latitude, do not hesitate to contact me and I will construct the exact distance holder for you.

Have fun and a lot of electricity.

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