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World of programming: Design a car

World of programming: Design a car
Learning goals
At first I wanted to make a drone, but then I thought that a car would be a great project to start with and learn new things before the drone project. This car uses dc motor to drive back and forth and servo to turn left and right.
Explore the possibilities of 3D Printing applied to coding
3D designing with Tinkercad
Develop a project from concept to completion.
The development of teamwork and relationships skills outside student’s personal environment/ethnic group.
Motivate students to find, explore and understand the relationships between coding a car with other curriculum subjects, like Mathematics, Physics, Geometry, etc.
Learning to face challenges and to solve problems using creativity and ingenuity.

Time indication
3 months (It takes much time because you have to research, which components you want to use, shipping, modelling, test prints, soldering etc.)

Type of education
Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium
Country: Estonia
Level of education: 12th grade

Education toolbox

Which design program do you use?

Which other tools and equipment do you need?
Arduino NANO
Zip ties
DC-DC step down converter / motor
LiPo battery
Metal saw

Theme / Subject

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