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Designing ankles braces

Designing ankles braces

Learning goals
The students will learn
To create a momentum to get a 3D printer.
To share and pass on our knowledge and experience to all the P&O students at d’Alembert.
To go from the prototype stage to setting standards in our fabrication routine.
To use the 3D printer in our school’s P&O department to design other kinds of appliances.
To experiment with other materials in the making of devices.

Time indication
6-8 hours

Type of education
School: Lycée polyvalent d'Alembert
Country: France
Level of education: 1st, 2nd, 3rd year of BTS and 1st year of DT

Education toolbox
Which design program do you use?
Use the program you used to.

Which other tools and equipment do you need?

Project description
We would like to be provided with a 3D printer to keep up to date and be on the cutting-edge of our fast moving and ever-improving field of P&O.
Our teachers have asked us how we would use the printer. We formed a group of fifteen students. The make-up of the group may change according to our possibilities and imperatives.
The goals of our group are :
Without a printer, the success of our project seems to be doomed.

Project description
Re challenges of a specific patient’s fitting needs thanks to 3D printing
The device must be operative and functional.
Biocompatible materials are to be used.
It should adapt to and match the biomechanics of the fitted limb.
It must meet and comply with the patient’s expectations as well as those of his family.
The equipment must be adapted to street footwear.
The design and the outcome of the device done with a 3D printer must be proven better than if it had been made.

We started with a brainstorming session to probe what we could do with a 3D printer. A number of ideas emerged, most based on current realizations. Each proposal was explained and our teachers created a Doodle to choose the plan that would suit most.
We acknowledged that many products for prostheses are already on the market. Investing in orthosis seemed more creative and more representative of our job to be, despite its being less sexy and getting less exposure in the media.

The selected plan was designing and fabricating ankles braces combining various materials, or ankle braces fitted with various articulations.

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