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Fabricating your own Turtle Robot

Fabricating your own Turtle Robot

Learning goals
Motivate students to find, explore and understand the relationships between making a robot and the curriculum subjects, like Mathematics, Physics, Geometry, etc.
Explore the possibilities of 3D Printing applied to fabricating a robot.
Coding with Arduino (Electronics)
3D modelling & 3D printing
Learning to face challenges and to solve problems using creativity and ingenuity.
Develop a project from concept to completion.
The development of teamwork and relationships skills outside student’s personal environment/ethnic group.

Time indication
This depends on the level of designing and the difficulty of the code instructions. If you do everything extensively and have already the experience with the design and programming software, you can do this project approximately in 4-6 clock hours.

Type of education
High school/ middle school

Education toolbox
Which design program do you use?

Which other tools and equipment do you need?
Logo Programming

Project description

I am trying to integrate educational technology to our curriculum. As Seymour Papert said “"Nobody really doesn’t know what the future would be like but we know what it won't be like." It is high time to fulfill Papert’s ideas to every classroom. That’s why we are trying to produce our own Turtles.

For the history of Turtle Robots:

We are producing our own Turtle Robots thanks to Josh Burker :

We are building these robots with High Schools and we are using in the Middle Schools. We are producing all plastic part by using 3D printers. We are also trying to remix 3D Model by adding sensors to our turtle robots.

We also use logo-programming languages to command Turtle Robots. Using simple command students learn to construct geometric shapes and patterns.

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