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Kids Farmers

Innovative ideas for farming by kids

Learning goals
To learn the properties of different materials and their uses.
To gain the knowledge and technological work experience of how materials can be adapted and shaped to fit the environment.
To develop interdisciplinary understanding when developing a product that will enhance a user’s ability to perform a task.
To demonstrate effective and collaborative teamwork skills, in order to produce effective product outcomes.
To be able to analyse and evaluate the impact and sustainability of a product on its user and the environment.

Time indication
9 weeks, 2x 1 hour session a week

Type of education
Secondary education ISM Arusha campus
Country: Tanzania
MYP aged 11-16 years

Education toolbox
Which design program do you use?

Which other tools and equipment do you need?
Cardboard, etc..

Theme/ subject

Project description
Research – students will collect/analyse/summarise information/data on - material suitability, soil type, animal type/shape/weight capabilities, mechanisms. Produce team specification from research and brief given.
Designing – students produce initial ideas using research; develop ideas towards a final design. Students to model/prototype sections to test working suitability.
Manufacturing - produce final product using 3D printer.
Evaluation – students evaluate final product against their team specification. Address modifications/adaptations.

This picture in the attachment is a current image designed by one of the students who had the idea for the cow farmer. This is still a working progress. He has only just started producing ideas.

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