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CR-10 Z-Axis Manual Adjustment Knob (also CR-10 mini, Hictop, Tevo Tornado)


This two piece part replaces and adds to the acrylic stock cover on the Creality CR-10's Z-axis lead screw; It lets you manually control the hot end up and down (when steppers are disabled), which I have found to be VERY handy at times. For example when you're loading filament, stopping and checking a failing print or first layer, you can easily lift the hot end by hand to give you more working space and a better view of the piece.

Works exactly the same as the earlier smaller version, just with a bigger knob. This way it takes less spinning to manually up and down the hot end. Just replace the stock cover plate for the printed one and screw the knob onto the lead screw, while holding the lead screw firmly but gently. Making sure not to put too much pressure on the lead screw and bend it.

A simple quick and dirty demonstration by me of how the knob works:

And a more professional video by Chuck Hellebuyck on how to install the knob (and some other useful CR-10 (mini) mods) on Filament Friday:
(3 minnutes and 23 seconds in).

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