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Hanging Mason Jar Window Planter

These models allow you to make planters that hang right in your window!
The files attached are open-topped mason jar lids with a strong loop on the brim. When used with a locking suction cup hook you can safely hang them on your window or any other smooth flat surface.

I created these because I need easy access to my herb garden while cooking because Im too lazy to go outsize to trim fresh herbs. And when herbs go untrimmed they go to seed faster and taste terrible.

If you plant pre-sprouted herbs like I did in the photos then I strongly recommend using a wide mouth jar of no less than 1 pint (16 oz) so you can fit the plant into it. Also I recommend using a tinted color mason jar to help protect the plant roots from the sun and because it looks cool.

In the photos I planted lettuce, oregano, dill, mint, and a spider plant (which is super robust).

You can support my work by picking up your supplies through these links below.
Strong Suction Cup Hooks:
Standard Size mason jars:
Wide mouth Mason Jars:

Other Notes:
The openscad file is a remix of an existing model, credited in the acknowledgement section.
Entering contest categories: Most easily Reproduced, Best Remix, & Best Functional System

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