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DJI Mavic Remote Control Adapter For SmartPhones

BRAND NEW...These designs are just a small chipped part of my: DJi Mavic Pro Big parts set :-) ;which you can also get on YouMagine & ThingiVerse for free.

So if you have become curious, then look at my big set. From time to time, other things are guaranteed to be published there.

These special adapters made by me allow carefree use of Smartphones on the DJI Mavic pro or Platinum Controller. The entire touch-sensitive surface of the smartphone is fully accessible. For example: Without an adapter, using the Zenfone2 with the Mavic remote control is problematic because, the power button is difficult to reach. Now the smartphone is comfortable and safe to use with the controller. A perfect fit and firm hold is additionally guaranteed. Also a recommended additional attachment of a neck strap is now conceivably easy to implement as an option. From now on, the smartphone and the DJI-Controller are sufficiently well protected against accidental drops.

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