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Pi Score Tabletop MAME Arcade Cabinet

UPDATE 5-2019: The 8BITDO N30 Pro controller has been updated to the Pro 2 - this has not been tested so no guarantees it will work - if anyone can confirm please let us know.

Jeremy Williams and I (Sean Charlesworth) designed a snap together classic arcade cabinet to house a MAME system - the Pi Score. I designed the five piece cabinet that slots together with dovetails and pins.

Inside Jeremy put together an array of Adafruit parts and a Raspberry Pi 3 to make it go. He also simplified the normally painful wiring of the controls by using an off-the-shelf Bluetooth/USB controller.

The bulk of the parts come from Adafruit with a few from Amazon. A complete list is in the Print Guide PDF

Jeremy and I will be bringing more projects your way on our show Bits to Atoms. You can catch the whole build and behind the scenes on Adam Savage's Tested.

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