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Pi Sphere

Teaching aid for basic geometry.
Designed for a dual extruder printer. There is not any clearance for the letters to be printed separately and glued in place.

There are two hemispheres. One half shows circumference, radius, and diameter. The other half shows area.

The base is made of 4 sides that have the value of pi and a few formulas using pi.

Print as follows, the + indicated a merge is needed in your slicer program:

Area Half Sphere + Area letters
CDR Half Sphere + CDR letters
Pi Sphere Latch
Pi Sphere stand top
Pi Sphere stand base
A Side + A letters
V Side + V letters
PI Side + Pi letters
C Side + C letters
The Base components will need to be glued and assembled.
The latch is just to help retain the two hemispheres together while on the stand.

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