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Desktop Aquaponics System (Prototype)

The Desktop Aquaponics System is part of a BioLab project I am developing at the Centre for Innovation of Leiden University at Campus the Hague (the Netherlands).

The aim is kick off the BioLab by developing a DIY or DIT (Do It Together) desktop Aquaponics system.

Aquaponics is a process of combinging Aquaculture (fancy word for fish farming) with Hydroponics (soil-less agriculture usually requiring a petroleum based nutrient solution for the plants). The idea of Aquaponics is to utilize the waste of fish (fish poop) to fertilize and nourish the plants within the system.

We feel that this way of producing food has a huge untapped potential and want to encourage innovation in this field. The maker community is an ideal breading ground for new ideas and innovations and this is why we are sharing our designs and results.

Imagine that these developments will lead to a refrigerator or kitchen system that grows its own food! One step at a time and a Desktop Aquaponics system may be the catalyst to develop further interest in the subject.

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