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3D printed Jet boat V2

Latest version here:

semi final update:
Version 3 is now out still untested - there for those who are keen: The only changes are a new hull shape. All version 2 and 3 parts are compatible. I'm working on a new version yet again. Next version will be 600mm long with 35mm pump.

running on 12volts (3S)

Running on 24v (6S)

Too fast! I look forward to trying it out on a smooth lake one day.

Forum thread:
Version 1:
Version 2: (you are here)
Version 3:


Power system:
As you can see in the video, the power system I used was completely over powered. The boat does appear to handle better when it is lighter and a smaller motor would help reduce the weight. Parts used are as follows:

Improvements in this version:

Ideas to improve for the (maybe) next version:

UPDATE: I've now added a bash plate to the nozzle. The new file is called "nozzle & bashplate.stl" and can be found in the download.

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