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CarbonoidSpool - Yet another reusable filament spool

While I was looking for MasterSpool compatible filaments I found the wonderful simplistic SlantSpool design by Slant3D:
This spool prints super easy, faster than the original MasterSpool by richrap ( or and uses less raw filament. There’s only one part in the design you have to print twice. The two halfs of the spool connect with a simple latching system. Unfortunately the SlantSpool is designed for 1 kg refill coils so the 850 g refill coils available in Europe don’t work well on it.

The CarbonoidSpool is a hybrid of MasterSpool and SlantSpool. It uses the same latching system like the SlantSpool (which I had to clone in Fusion360 because only the STL files are available). Every spool half has 6 filament attachment points for a total of 12! per CarbonoidSpool. It works with 1.75 and 3 mm filament. There’s also a place for the sticker that comes with the filament refills to label the spool properly.
CarbonoidSpool is designed for 850 g refill coils. I also made a bigger version for 1 kg refill coils.

The 3D models, STL and more fotos are also available from my GitHub repo:

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