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Iris Pendant

This is my design of an iris pendant. You can put any symbol or picture you like at the center of it. I also included four different front cover designs you can choose from. It is my hope that others will design their own amazing front covers.

To encourage this I have made a drawing (Front Cover Dimensions, Iris Pendant.pdf) that contains the base front cover dimensions that are required to make the iris mechanism work. And I have included “Front Cover Design Guide, Iris Pendant.pdf” to help steer other designers in the right direction.

I tried to learn some lessons from the iris rings I have designed. Improvements are:
Used larger, easily available M3 x 8mm screws
Easier assembly because of the larger screws
Easier to print parts (no supports)
Customizable front cover (optional!)

Here is a video that shows how to assemble the pendant:

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In terms of formatting the symbol or picture of your choice, I have included an .svg file (Iris Pendant Symbol Templates.svg) that has templates you can use to get the size right. Please see this video on how to use this .svg file:

The picture or symbol needs to be a little under 25.4mm in diameter.

STL quantities to print:
Base, Iris Pendant {QTY 1x}
Blade, Iris Pendant {QTY 6x- only 5x are used, but the 6th one helps with assembly; see video}
Slotted Disc, Iris Pendant {QTY 1x}
Front Cover, Iris Pendant {QTY 1x, see below}

Only QTY 1x of the Front Cover is used and you have the following to choose from:
Front Cover, 3D Printing Tribute, Iris Pendant
Front Cover, Compass Design, Iris Pendant
Front Cover, Dizingof Tribute, Iris Pendant
Front Cover, Waves Design, Iris Pendant

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