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World Cup Mascots

Show which country you support
We encourage every 3D-printer user out there, not only Ultimaker users, to print the Mascot of the country they support. We would love to see the results and we hope people will post pictures on our Facebook page!

Printing Advice
All of the Mascots should print without support. Remember to activate Combine Everything Type B (Under Cura - Expert Settings - Fix Horrible) to get the best results.

Country Flags
To make the Flags you only need a piece of PLA and the templates of the flags you can find in the documents tab. Print the flag you want, cut it out, fold it in the middle, put the piece of PLA in the crease and glue the Flag together. Then glue the Flag to the Mascot. Easy!

Ultimaker blog about the Mascots:
Mascots designed by Bauermaker:
Timelapse of the Dutch Lion: 

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