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Windbreak holder for flower box

You need plexiglas, 4 mm thick, four times part 1 and two times part 2.

If your windscreen is not long enough and you need two parts, then you need additional
part 3 and part 4 one time.

It was very stormy. Part 1 did not survive the storm, 3 parts were bent and one part is broken.
To increase the strength I have printed Part 1 with a filling level of 80%. Let's see if the part holds the next storm.

I have construct a new version. For this version you need a plexiglas , 2 mm thick, for the rear side and 4 mm thick for the side parts.
A 2mm thick plexiglas is strong enough if it consists of one part. The first storm was safely overcome.

For the print you need
2 times Holder vers 2 1
2 times Holder vers 2 2
Once Holder vers 2 3
Once Holder vers 2 4.

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