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Makonde Dagger

A video of the finished dagger is available here:

This is my try at the Punished Props Academy Community Build of the Makonde Dagger designed by Jonah Lobe.

I wanted to give this project a try to see if Iam able to create this using Fusion360, print and finish it. I learned alot about Fusion360 and was, again, suprised about the quality of the Ultimaker machine.

The inside of the blade took me longer than it should, I needed a few tries to get this part done.
Other than Bill in the build video, I didnt add the hammered metal effect to the model.

I printed all parts using an Ultimaker 2+ and Innofill ABS filament. All parts are sliced with Cura.

All parts aside from the handle need some little supports.

The full blade was to big to fit in the Ultimaker 2+ buildspace, so aside from the full blade I also included a 2-part version of blade.
Also one version of the tip of the blade comes with some custom supports.

I plan to glue everything with some acetone slurry, sanding it and also use some acetone vapor later on to make it smooth.

Thanks go out to Punished Props to make all these inspirational build videos and projects.

Punished Props Academy Website:

Punished Props Academy Makonde Dagger Build on Youtube:

My Makonde Dagger video:

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