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LED Matrix Bar Weather Station V1

[Update 20180808]
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ESP8266 WeMos D1 mini module which I finally found good application for (now you can buy better cheap ESPs)
6 x LEDMatrix module with MAX7219 driver
supplied directly from USB port with USB plug
all data are synchronized every 7-8 minutes
time and date are taken from
weather informations are grabbed from JSON api
in the future also other news and infos grabbing can be possible
no hardware RTC clock is necessary
internal temperature, humidity sensor (options - DS18B20, DHT22, DHT12)
ESP8266 setup and control as a Wi-Fi Web Server (WiFiManager, OTA, mDNS)
receives a message input from a User Input page, then displays the message on a scrolling LED matrix display.
Parts List:

6 x MAX7219 8 x 8 LED Matrix module
1 x WeMos D1 mini
1 x Interface shield
Additional Parts:

N x DS18B20 temperature sensor
1 x DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor
1 x DHT12 temperature and humidity sensor
Source code is available here:
The code is being cleaned up. Please wait... I'll share it soon.

NOTE: Recently added support for rotated LED Matrices

Source code is available here:
- V1:

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