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3 Piece Slideways Puzzle (With Honeycomb Inserts)

I saw a post on Reddit a while back about an awesome puzzle by pacificpuzzleworks. The method of how it slid together intrigued me. I wanted to get around to modeling it in solidworks to make a 3d printed variant. Then of course the puzzle blewup on youtube and several great makers printed out a variant that someone generated for 3d printing. But I still wanted to try my hand at the modeling. So here is my stab at it.

I have a few variations. One base model including the 3 parts. Then a model where the honeycomb is separated (in simplify3d select "separate connected surfaces" to split up after importing). So you can print the honeycomb in a different color. I took the low tech approach on the one I printed. I printed in one color... then sharpied the honeycomb :)

I have included the file in solidworks, X_T, STEP, and Fusion360. Hack / Modify / Edit to your heart's content.

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