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Strap guide for Powerslide Trinity World Cup rollerskates

If you have these rollers you will know the problem:
The tightening system (what's wrong with regular lacing by the way) makes it impossible to adjust the fit. The top will be flapping loose and your toes will end up crushed and squeezed purple. The reason is that any pressure opening the top of the boot will pull on the "lace"cable which will happily slide and tighten hard on your toes without giving any restraint on the top. The more you tighten, the mor pain you will endure in your toes.

So I made tis cup that alows to use a simple strap from the hardware store to tighten the top of the boot in a stable way.

Poweslide, if you ever read this: you need to do something about this design, a strap on the top is definitely needed...

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