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Modular Extruder for Prusa-Style Printers with E3D Titan and UnitedPro Fan

Modular Extruder for E3D Titan, E3Dv6, E3D Volcano.
Changeable in minutes from DirectDrive to Bowden, by just loosening 2 screws and taking the Titan-Extruder off.

Fast change of the Hotend and any other piece by only max. 2 screws.

Only M3 screws and M3 insert nuts are used in this build.
The distance between the screws of the BasePlate is 30mm. The Carriage included you can mount Plates between 24mm and 30mm and is a remix of: (I will search that and merge the thing here later)

The PTFE Tube between the E3Dv6-Hotend and the Extruder needs to be about 85mm long. Not yet measured for the E3D-Volcano.

At the moment there are mounts for:

E3Dv6-Hotend (original and clones)
E3D Volcano-Hotend (original and clones)
30mm or 40mm Hotend cooling fan
UnitedPro B3510X05B blower fans.
Optical Endstop Flag
BL-Touch (3 different heights)
It is planned to make mounts for more Hotends (Merlin, Hexagon, BigBooster).

More informations and the BOM will follow soon.

If you have any suggestions, then please let me know.

10/22/2018 - Added 1mm shorter BlowerFan-Holder for more clearance if the nozzle is really short.

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