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Reference Chart for Laser Engraving

A problem I often encountered when doing my projects was figuring out the right engraving settings for a particular part. Depending on your material type and thickness, you need different settings to achieve the look you want. 

Therefore I created a simple chart consisting of a form for laser and material used and a lot of squares with different black levels, which can be used as a reference for engraving different materials.

How to use:
1. Setup: Just write down the laser engraver/cutter and material you use in the fields at the top and engrave the header onto your material.
2. Select a row of squares for engraving,  featuring different black levels from 10% to 100%
3. Choose the settings you want to use and engrave the squares with them.
4. Write down the settings for speed and power next to the engraved squares.
5. repeat steps 2 to 4 with different settings and squares until all rows are used
6. Store in a dry place and use as reference whenever you're going to engrave the same material again. Simple as that

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