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Ultimaker Original

Note, the Ultimaker Original has been upgraded. The files of this upgrade are also shared online. Find them at:

Below is the information for the "Regular" Ultimaker Original.

All of the files can be found here:

For the bill of materials see the tab "Bill of Materials" or the BOM files in the github repository.

Injection moulding files have been uploaded earlier under this YouMagine entry:

There are alternatives available for these injection moulded parts which can be lasercut. These can be found here:

For more information about the Ultimaker Original, see:

The Ultimaker Original is sold both as a complete DIY kit by the company Ultimaker. It can also be purchased fully pre-assembled and calibrated for you. In addition, over the course of the months after it starts shipping, the Ultimaker 2 files will be released.

The electronics have been released here:

Assembly instructions can be found here:

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