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Titan Aero - X Carriage - Anycubic 4Max

This is a titan aero x-carriage replacement designed to replace the stock Makerbot style carriage on my Anycubic 4Max, but it should fit on any Makerbot style x-carriage with 70mm distance between the rods.

The main idea is to put the Titan Aero below the carriage and sacrifice some printing height (about 70 to 75mm) for a more titan'iac and rigid setup.
The new carriage also makes calibration much much easier and its great to actually see the first layer before the print is done ;-).

The bearings to be used will be 2x LM8LUU (size) as used in the original 4Max carriage, so you can continue to use them. I will be switching them out for copper bushings in the same size.
When I assembled everything together, I noticed the LM8LUU bearings needed a little force to be pressed in (I did calculate some play in the sketch, but my calibration on the machine might of been off), Its pretty tight without the clips but it might put some stress on the plastic.

After I recalibrated my printer and all is set, I will re-do some parts of the model to address this.

The copper bushings can be found here:


I will attach a BL-Touch to the Aero on the right using this BL-Touch mounting bracket:


The part-cooling fan is mounted to the left using a 30mm fan, dont think 40mm will fit in the space.
Note: I also dont know if the 30mm fan is enough for PLA, will test that some time in the future when I do something in PLA, but it should be just fine for anything else such as PETG, ABS and Flexibles. If you tried, please let me know.

The belt-lock was inspired by @VVilhelnn one:

What do you need:

Firmware changes needed:
// Travel limits (mm) after homing, corresponding to endstop positions.

define X_MIN_POS -8 //before was -5

define Z_MAX_POS 240 //before was 300

- Changes needed to operate the Titan Aero which depends on your stepper motor.

I also plan to remake the y-carriage in the future to win back some of the lost height.


Update: 07.Nov 2018
- Changed License
- Adjusted the holes for the endstop bracket
- Assembled, it works.
- Added new Images

Update: 06.Nov 2018
- Updated and adjusted all components and added endstop bracket
- Started printing all files again and start assembly

Update: 04.Nov 2018
- Added belt holder and fanduct.
- Added new Images

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