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Fan Shroud for PrintrBot 1401 Simple Maker's Edition with Ubis 13s hotend

I couldn't find a design that fit my ancient PrintrBot 1401, so I worked one up in Lightwave (my fave). This uses the stock 30mm fan and laser-cut wood Y arm. I've hot-rodded my printer in several ways (GT-belt, Stability, Filament holder, Cable Chain, Marlin 1.1.9, etc.), but this area is mostly stock, except the 13s hotend.

I sliced with Cura and printed with 90% infill, and no support on my Printrbot 1401.

Hope this makes someone's 13s upgrade a little less of a hassle.

("Why would you put a Ubis 13s on a PrinterBot 1401 wood printer?!??": My ceramic hotend croaked (irreparable repeated clogs) and I will be doing very little printing for the next 12 months or so (a guess), but need the printer now. Want to limp it along and buy new technology 12 months down the line, vs. buy 2018 stuff and put it in a box for a year. Buying a new Ubis 13s was a great price+effort compromise, and it really works great: I can print a little faster and LOTS better with the 13s. Very happy with it. Will now be able to pass a working starter printer off to my son when I upgrade, too.)

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