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TronXY X5S Y-Gantry-Plate

To re-arm my TronXY X5S, I am currently rethinking the belt paths of the CoreXY mechanism. As I always publish my tinkering on that machine, I had to completely re-engineer the Y-Gantry (instead of just re-mixing an existing part).
Plainly spoken: Lee Brumfield did a good, reduced to the essential design with his "TronXY X5S New Y Gantry bracket" (thing:2733592 on Thingiverse), but sadly the licence he chose is out of question for my further purposes.

My design should be compatible to his other parts, as I kept the critical structural dimensions. (The rest of the printer is still fitted out with the assigned counterparts, after all.)
Found that many of the dimensions are just a logical consequence of the installation circumstances.

Added a switch for 400mm and 450mm rails on the X-Axis, lots of comments and maybe even a bit of stiffness.

Have fun re-using (and then publishing!) the code!
For me this is only a first step - I do not intend to acutally print this, but continue to construct some upgrades, using this as a foundation.

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