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Hue Dimmer Switch Adapter

I guess most Hue users with a dimmer switch will have the problem, that they want to use the dimmer switch instead of their traditional light switch. To remove the traditional light switch, connect the cables and put the dimmer switch over the hole is not suitable for everyone.

Therefore I designed the Hue Dimmer Switch Adapter!

You have to remove the original frame and the top of your switch and mount the adapter frame over your original switch. The adapter frame can be mounted with glue or with four screws to the wall. The top of the frame is designed to be similar to the back of the Hue mounting plate so that you can snap your Hue mounting plate onto the adapter frame.

The advantage with this adapter is that you don't have to touch your traditional light switch, the adapter frame covers your light switch, and in case if you want to use your traditional light switch, you have to remove the Hue plate and can access your switch through the adapter frame.

The adapter frame comes in several versions:
- Universal: The universal frame which should fit for most light switches, but which needs to be glued or screwed to the wall
- Raw: A raw frame, where you can cut the hole for your light switch series on your own and exactly for your needs. This frame is available with 11mm and 13mm inner height. Means how much space is inside the adapter for the traditional light switch.
- Berker Modul 2: A version made for the Berker Modul 2 light switch series, which can be mounted with the original Berker mounting tool/frame.
- Berker S1: A version made for the Berker S1 light switch series, which can be mounted with the original Berker mounting tool/frame.
- Legrand Creo: A version for Legrand Creo light switches, which can be mounted with the original Legrand mounting tool/frame.
or the traditional light switch.
- Legrand Diplomat: This version contains 2 parts for easier printing. It is not needed to glue the parts together, just mount them on the light switch.

Tolerances and gaps are fine-tuned to give a perfect fit. I printed the frames on Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5, with perfect results. If something doesn't fit, then check your printer settings, flow, horizontal expansion or scale the model a little bit, to fit your needs.

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