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Minnesota Christmas Ornament With Named Base

Here is my yearly Christmas ornament design I do for my family. Each year since 2014 I have designed a new ornament custom ornament. This year it is an outline of Minnesota (the state where I live) with a Christmas Tree and Star added as embossed features, and a Base where I emboss each person’s name. The embossed features on the Minnesota outline are at different heights so I can do filament color swaps at different layer heights to get a multicolor effect on a single color printer. The state is printed laying down, and the “Named Bases” are printed standing up. The two parts are then glued together with super glue.

Hope it inspires you. Take it and modify it at your will. I have included the original solidworks files, and also conversions into STEP, X_T, Fusion360, and STL. For the STL I changed the name to a date in case someone doesn’t have the ability to modify the files.

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