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Rain Water Diverter

Rain diverter designed for 2-5/8" square downspout. Diverts rain to rain barrel then bypasses when full. Mount output pipe just below the top of your barrel and it won't overfill. Grating filters out larger leaves and debris. Diversion chamber drain holes are in the model to prevent freeze up.
A shorter pipe to the rain barrel is preferred (as opposed to mine in the picture).
For future improvement:
Bottom section should either be redesigned to fit inside the downspout or a 360 degree lip should be added to prevent water from running outside the downspout pipe. I used a ring of caulking which the lower pipe sealed against.

Print on a printer with a tall print bed! I have an extended OB1.4. Total object height is 22.6 cm. You also need to be able to print 45 degree overhangs without support.
I have designed the nozzle for a 1-1/2" hose. The fit is a bit loose for the hose but putting the hose clamp on top of the printed barbs provided a tight seal for me. You can design your own to fit other hose sizes: start with a 22mm sided hexagon (fitting into a 44mm circle) extruded up 3.2mm and then work from there.
To fit the nozzle into the diverter first trim any 1st layer squish or brim off the bottom then flash heat the plastic with a lighter just slightly and press fit into the main body. Remove then glue it permanently in place once you have a tight but easy fit.

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