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Complete TronXY X5S CoreXY Y-Gantry Set

Deprecated, upgraded to Hemera and overhauled gantry there:
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Documentation of build at:

This OpenSCAD file generates parts for the linear rail conversion of a TronXY X5S (or potentially any other CoreXY printer made from 2020 aluminium extrusion).

The pre-compiled STLs are meant for another 450mm long rail on the X axis (the .scad can generate a variant for 400mm rails) and threaded sleeves as idler axles.
If you can't find threaded sockets / sleeves with outer diameter 5mm, length 30mm and M4 inner thread you can still fall back to M5 screws - just compile it accordingly with OpenSCAD version 2015.03-2.

The "ABS_support" parameter and the ...ABS.STL are meant for tricky materials like PC-ABS (Lilypads and extra support are designed in).

Remove or exchange logos according to your gusto.

If you don't have "GT2-20T-6-5B" (GT2 pulleys with 20 teeth, 5mm bore for 6mm wide belts), change parameters to yours, but watch for alignment with motor and corner pulley mount! (Suggested read before designing yourself: - I know my carriage is off! It's up next. ;-) )

EDIT - It's there: /

EDIT 2 - Just uploaded some more rugged motor mounts:

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