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Windshield wiper repair (Nissan Micra K11 - 2001)

The pole of the windshield wipers of my Nissan Micra lost the connection to the motor because the ball socket of the ball joint was worn out. I fixed it with some rubber first but wanted to have a more permanent solution.

Apparently it is not possible to just exchange the worn out parts, the whole pole has to be replaced which costs more than 100 EUR. Therefore, I was looking for a way to hold the ball socket in place. Since the main force should weight on the ball joint, a part encasing the ball joint doesn't have to be very sturdy (it doesn't have to be out of metal).

That's why I designed a small case for the ball joint which keeps the ball socket in place and installed it on my windshield wiper pole.

I forgot to take final photo but I have a video

So far it works perfectly! I will update if it should break!

Disclaimer: If you should try this you do it on your own risk. Windshield wipers are important security part of your car! Never repair such things on your own if you are no mechanic professional. Better buy the whole pole and get it replaced in a certified workshop to support automobile industry and raise the GNP ;)

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