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3D Printed RC Buggy: Version 2 (RWD)

Files can now be found at Cults3D


I finally feel finished with the V2 Buggy that I've been working on for over a year, on and off.
This has been a huge project with many iteration so I appreciate any tips if you like this model!

Pretty much everything is printable on this model, even the drivetrain. It uses steel driveshafts/dogbones but the rest is plastic and holds up quite well.
It's currently rear wheel drive only, which is the way I like it.

You can run it with 1-3S batteries assuming the rest of your hardware works with it.
It's possible to run 3D printed rims and tyres, but also bought wheels if you print the adapters to 12mm Hex.

I'll make sure to do "how to build" videos on my youtube channel so stay tuned for those.

Most of it can be printed in PLA but some parts require Nylon or similar.

~800g of filament.
57 unique printable parts.
If nothing else is mentioned, part should work fine in PLA.

These need to be printed twice:
BuggyV2_RearSusp_WheelshaftA(Print with Nylon)

If running 3D printed tyres/rims, print these twice:
BuggyV2_Tyres_Front(Print with Ninjaflex, low infill)
BuggyV2_Tyres_Rear(Print with Ninjaflex)

If running 'real' RC tyres/rims, print these to suit:
Offset will depend on the offset of your rims, print one and test.

You should print these in nylon to make them last, other plastics don't survive if you have a strong motor:

I would recommend printing these with PETG, Copolyester or even nylon, PLA is unreliable for these parts:

These are optional but recommended for bought rims:
BuggyV2_RimWasher (Print one for each rim and use as a washer on the outside)

This helps you push some bearings into place without damaging stuff:

BOM Hardware:

4x M3x16 Caphead
6x M4 nut
14x M4x10 Countersunk
2x M4x10 Caphead
5x M4x20 Countersunk(can be replaced with m4x10 Countersunk)
4x M4x20 Caphead

Rear suspension/gearbox
2x 70-80mm shocks(I think used "80mm 283004" on ebay)
4x Suitable balljoints for the shocks(I think I used "MST 310037" that you can find on Ebay)
2x 56mm(pin to pin)/61mm(total length) dogbone driveshafts
10x 6700ZZ(10x15x4mm) bearings
1x M3x10 Caphead
12x M3x16 Caphead
5x M3x25 Caphead
4x M4 nuts
2x M4x10 Countersunk
2x M4x20 Caphead
2x M4x40 Caphead

Front suspension
2x 70-80mm shocks(I think used "80mm 283004" on ebay)
4x Suitable balljoints for the shocks(I think I used 2x "MST 310037" that you can find on Ebay and two that came with the shocks)
4x Rodends to connect steering rack to wheelhubs(Ebay for "M3 Straight Plastic Rod Ends")
4x 6700ZZ(10x15x4mm) bearings
4x M3x10 Caphead
20x M3x16 Caphead
2x M3x25 Caphead
4x M4x20 Caphead

1x M3x10 Caphead
1x M3x16 Caphead
2x Rodends to connect servo to to steering rack

3x M3x16 Caphead
Glue(Epoxy works great(XTC 3D))

14x 6700ZZ(10x15x4mm) bearings

6x M3x10 Caphead (select length and amount)
40x M3x16 Caphead (select length and amount)
7x M3x25 Caphead (select length and amount)
10x M4 Nuts (select length and amount)
2x M4x10 Caphead (select length and amount)
10x M4x20 Caphead (select length and amount)
2x M4x40 Caphead (select length and amount)
16x M4x10 Countersunk (select length and amount)
5x M4x20 Countersunk(can be replaced with m4x10 Countersunk) (select length and amount)
4x 70mm shocks
6x Suitable balljoints for the shocks
6x Rodends to connect servo to to steering rack
2x 56mm(pin to pin)/61mm(total length) dogbone driveshafts
Glue(Epoxy works great(XTC 3D))

Any motor/ESC, I used Sky RC leopard 13T with supplied ESC.
Any receiver, I used Flysky FS-GT3C.

Optional but recommended:
Gyro: SkyRC Gc301
Epic wheels for trashing around:

Some hardware might depend on what shocks and rodends you use!
I've spent hours just on these notes so please let me know if something seems incorrect.

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