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Geiger Counter Case

THIS IS FOR AN OLD VERSION OF THE KIT! If you have the current version (with four standoffs) check out my other design here:

This is a case for the GK-mini geiger counter kit. More info on the kit can be found by the link above. I am not the seller or designer of the kit, just a user who wanted a compact, portable enclosure. Note that I have an older version of the kit (board rev. 1.5). This case will not work with the current kit version, which has slightly taller standoffs. The design was done in Fusion360. If you want to modify it, that is probably the way to go.

Design goals/features:
•Compact, easy to assemble design
•Power switch
•Second switch for backlight control or mute
•Selector button
•Space for two parallel SBM-20 tubes (just barely!)
•Jacks for power, serial data, and audio allow for both tethered and standalone use

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