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Micro SD Card Holder Ball

Ever forgot your Micro SD cards at home or in the other bag - or even worst - lost it because they are so small?

The Micro SD Ball allows you to protect and carry your cards always with you. The Ball (3,5 cm in diameter) can get unscrewed in 2 halves and holds up to 6 Micro SD Cards in the bottom shell. The cards are held by springs, so they do not fall out, even if you turn the bottom part upside down. At the same time the springs only cause gentle pressure - enough to hold the card, but not damage it.

Printing the Micro SD Ball is a bit tricky. Therefore I also published a Shapeways version.

For the top part there are 2 versions available at Shapeways: the Loop Top and the String Top.
The Loop Top requires additionally the Loop Screw which can get ordered in Metals. The Loop can get use to hang the ball off a necklace.

The String Top can get used to pull a string through the top part to hang the ball from a bag or a keychain.

Print Settings

Printer Brand:

Ultimaker 3



0,1 mm


Filament: Ultimaker ABS Black
Print Top part without raft (just a brim) and bottom part with raft.

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