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spartan blADE

hello friends

today I want to showcase my design of a spartan blade with some modification and creativity i turned a deadly weapon into a good looking key chain.

I thought that the size i chose for the key chain is usually big so uuuhhhh..........

The recommended settings for this model are;

(I am giving you the settings of my printer with dimensions:

200*200*200, nozzle size = .4 mm, filament = 1.75 mm

If i will miss something in this description please give me an comment or reminder as i am new to this uploading designs and all kind of that stuff. please forgive me for any mistakes)

1.take quality of 0.15 or 0.1 or as you wish.

2.take fill density 25% or 30% as it is not a working part so i think it will work.

  1. I am using filament of 1.75 mm so you can use any.

4.i will recommend you to use Cura software to print my design as all of them are proof Read by me and I hope there will be no issues

If you have any query regarding this model and design you can write down below


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