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dome shaped stationary box

Hello friends, designers and fellow makers!!
Today I am going to tell about my dome shaped pencil box /stationary box/utility box
That is inspired by me when I was overviewing my friends stationary box it was full of old stuff here and there with all the things scrambled, so I decided to help him and there is no such special reason that I took up this idea, with this box all the things are divided into special compartments depending upon your usage/day to day items you require during your work.
The box is divided into special and unique compartment as if now I haven’t decided what particulars will come in one compartment so, it’s totally your decision how to keep things so
Recommended setting for this model is:
(I am using printer with dimensions 200*200*200 with maximum speed up to 120 mm/sec
Nozzle size: 0.4 mm and so please adjust it according to your printer
1. The quality will be around 0.2 mm or 0.15 mm and you have to rub it with sand paper.
2. Keep fill density of the different compartments 35% and the main box (the dome what I call) to 30% or if you want to keep it more strong and durable keep it 35%.
3. I recommend you to use cura software to do the print setting as I have tested it there, so again it’s up to you.
So as if now I want you people to print it and use it as a utility box and if you get any issue you can write in the comment section below and I will look into that matter.
You can find the same model in https://www.myminifactory and

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