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cobra projectZ

Hello friends, designers and makers
Today I am going to tell you about my cobra inspired super car, and you can see the curves and lines dedicated to the hunter and deadly cobra, who has made a grand position in the list of deadliest hunters and killers of the world. You can see the curves and lines in the this small scaled model, people who want to display the reign and power of their supremacy, who are the lovers of wild, I think this showpiece is must at their home glass showcase and you will see the stretched fangs, that are coming to bite anyone who will come in her way.
Recommended setting for this model is:
(I am using printer with dimensions 200*200*200 with maximum speed up to 120 mm/sec
Nozzle size: 0.4 mm and so please adjust it according to your printer
1. The quality will be around 0.2 mm or 0.15 mm and you have to rub it with sand paper.
2. Keep fill density of the model 30% or 25%
3. I recommend you to use cura software to do the print setting as I have tested it there, so again it’s up to you.
Enjoy the beauty and this magnificent model as show piece in your house, office, and other places.
I hope you will like the design and please send me the pics of the printed design and I hope the printed model will be a part of your home decoration !!!!!!!!!

Share and like the design if you think this is interesting
My email address is vishwas8600@gmail.com, you can contact me to know more about my design, please send me message during week days and i will not be able to see messages in the month of February so I am sorry for that!!!!!!

Happy 3D printing, Happy designing

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