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Prusa mk2 E3D Chimera/Cyclops mount and cooler

This is my take on a mount for my E3D Chimera.

The mount has M3 mounting points which I use to mount the coolers (50x15 squirrel cage) to it. The left cooler also has a mount for a sensor. There are 2 versions, one for a 12 mm inductive sensor, the other for a SN04 inductive probe.

All the montings use m3 screws. Insert m3 nuts in the 4 slots at the back of the Chimera mount to provide the threads for the mounting points.

Use the Bowden clips to fix the inserts to remove play in the Bowden tube.

Printing the cooler mounts was a bit tricky. I printed them on their back and used support from the build plate and used no internal support, which would have been difficult to remove.

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