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Little Joe II Nozzle Plate, Nose Bulkhead, RCS for Estes 1/45 scale model

The Estes 1/45 scale Little Joe 2 is one beautiful model, but it has its issues. Even if you've solved the adhesive compatibility problems, you still risk melting the plastic dress-up nozzles when you launch it. One solution is to remove the nozzles before flying, and this mount makes it easy to do, with no other significant modification to the kit parts.

The nozzle plate is a bayonet-mount affair, which takes the 6 plastic dress-ups and allows you to twist-lock or twist-unlock to remove as you please.

I created the nose bulkhead and plug to allow easy adjustment of nose weight, by adding steel BBs through the bulkhead hole. I used the kit's original putty, but placed the bulkhead so that I could increase weight as needed.

The RCS motor - ugly in this print; I can do a better job with a smaller nozzle, but haven't needed one yet - is there because, yeah, I'm probably going to knock a few of these off the model.

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