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!!WORK IN PROGRESS!! Marlin-bugfix-2.0.x for Bigtreetech / BIQU SKR v1.1

This is a working BIQU SKR sample configuration and binary for my (heavily modified) TronXY X5S, compiled from the Marlin main branch (not the dedicated BIQU version), including the stock TronXY display with manually retrofitted SD-card slot and TMC2130 drivers in SPI mode.

Use this for reference or test - but note, that your specific printer WILL BE DIFFERENT!
==> Modify all three headers: Configuration.h, Configuration_adv.h & pins_BIQU_SKR_V1.1.h!

Progress will be documented on my blog ( once it's not changing weekly anymore.

Trinamic driver SPI wired according to "myseg":

CS and EN on the same pin seems strange? Yes, it is!

Also mind these issues: (Garbaged display on shared SPI) (No linear advance with TMC2130 in SpreadCycle mode)

If your board doesn't connect via USB after the update: Hit "reset" again!

If you didn't get one yet, consier waiting - according to the "BIGTREETECH Public Group" on Facebook the v1.2 is already under way.

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