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Hi guy

We are a small group that thinks to the quality of life and in this design focus on book reading in the traveling or night scene.

This is a simple portable light for the paper book. Keep concentration and privacy in travel by bus or Airplane.

In the future, we can add a USB power bank and more option such as bookmark.

But now we design in a classic form with easy clips torch and two AA size battery.

Also, this design optimizes for 3dprint and simple parts around us.

Change easily the simple battery or use chargeable one.

In the 3dprint we concern to print less support and material.

For good connect the battery to the circuit we design a wire spider's web at the end of the tube that can easily available for Amateur person to do it.

Another factor is the Weight of this gadget that needs minimal design.

Keep to Book Cover and never getting lost.

And sing to book that someone reading it.


Minoodar Design group

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