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Motor Gearbox Reduction 1:6.5

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how to assemble the gearbox:

This is a gearbox for various motors. I designed the gearbox to test how durable 3D printed gears are. So the test is a part of a bigger project that I am working on. Maybe someone will find this project usefull. It's Easy to print and assemble and the gearbox runs really good.
The gearbox has a reduction of about 1:6.5. This gives you a higher torque
- 1. gearstage 15 to 35 teeths --> ratio of 2.33
- 2. gearstage 15 to 42 teeths --> ratio of 2.80

==> ==> You coud use it with DC or Brushless motors with a mount diagonal of 19mm or 16mm or you could add other holes.

additional parts:
- 1x Motor
- 2x M3 or M2 countersunk screws for motor
- 2x M3x10mm countersunk screws for case
- 1x M2x6mm screw
- 2x M2 screws to fix the gears gear
- 1x 3mm axis or M3x10mm screw
- 2x bearing 623zz 3x10x4mm
- 1x bearing MR63zz 3x6x2.5mm

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