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DIYbio Magnetic Stirrer V2

This is version 2 of our DIYbio magnetic stirrer.

A video of it working plus assembly instructions can be found here:

It is a big piece of equipment so it will be an equally big print job. There are many smaller computer fan-based magnetic stirrer designs available including our original design here:

A graphic is included comparing the sizes of V2 with V1.

We made this larger version to stir up larger vessels for soap processing, hydroponics, and other larger scale projects. It also still stirs the smaller jars we've been using for our original magnetic stirrer design.

We also included 2 stir bar designs. The bigger stir bar design using 13mm neodymium magnets works well for large quantity stirring.

Improvements Include

The support structure bears weight on the platform, through the support structures down to 4 inner feet and onto whatever surface the stirrer is on. It can easily hold a 6L water container without the platform sagging which would cause the rotor to make contact with it and disrupt operation.

The SketchUp 2019 file is included for those that want to go in and make changes. The original stirrer design is also included.



This is very straight forward. The motor controller is labelled for power +/- and motor +/-.

Simply run the wires from the barrel adapter and the motor to the appropriate terminals on the controller. We used jumper wires to make it easy to go in and swap out motors and add components in the future.

Your email is used to contact you if we need more information.

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