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Device that Eliminates Tangled Spool problems in FDM 3D printing

To see how the device was made and how it performs, watch the video below:

After having a couple of misfortunes when printing large parts and finding out that there were areas missing a chunk of material, I started to analyse the issues with my 3D printer and found that the filament was getting entangle inside the spool and was not moving freely. In fact, it was getting worst during the print since the Extruder Feeder Motor was pulling it more to a point were the filament was jammed.

This is a device I made for the Ender 3 (but can be utilized in any printer) that releases the tension of the filament around the spool, preventing it from getting stuck by withdrawing it slowly and steady before the the filament gets tensed, more entangled and more difficult to roll. When the filament gets stuck, the Extruder Feeder motor starts to "jump" and your prints will miss material on certain areas. This device will prevent that from happening. Now you can let your printer running overnight without worrying.

Feel free to download and print the parts if you thing it might help your printer.

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